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About the Jones Library

The James Addison Jones Library has an extensive collection of print books, DVDs, audiobooks, games, music scores and more.

Request instruction today! Everyone else is doing it!

Instruction numbers are up! The Library is breaking its own record at every turn. Spring 2015 saw the most sessions and the biggest reach since Spring 2008. Reach is the aggregate number of students in all classes that the Library provided instruction for in a given semester. Compared to Spring 2013, Spring 2015 represented a 66% increase in the number of sessions and a 44% increase in reach.

In Summer 2015 we doubled our summer sessions, going from 3 in Summer 2014 to 6 in Summer 2015. Reach for Summer increased 141%! It went from 24 students in Summer 2014 to 58 in Summer 2015!

Fall 2014, the last Fall semester for which numbers are available, we saw the most sessions we've seen since we've been keeping statistics. A 91% increase in sessions from Fall 2012 and a 69% increase in reach.

Greensboro College Librarians provide course-related library instruction upon request. This instruction focuses on helping students learn information-seeking and evaluation skills relevant to a particular course. Librarians provide instruction in the Library Computer Lab or in the classroom where a course is located. Faculty and students may meet with Librarians individually for assistance in exploring Library resources and improving their information-seeking skills.

How can the Library help my students? The Library staff can help your students with the following and much, much more:

  • general use of the Library and what the Library offers
  • creating a research plan
  • developing and refining a topic
  • understanding different types of publications
  • evaluating sources, peer-review, and publication credibility
  • primary vs. secondary sources
  • finding articles in databases
  • finding and using books and ebooks
  • plagiarism, copyright, and academic honesty
  • citation and citation tools

Request instruction for your class today!

James Addison Jones Library

Phone (336) 272-7102 x5241

Prefer a specific Librarian? Ask them directly.

Lauren Brewer
336-272-7102 x5378

Will Ritter
336-272-7102 x5734

Amy Jordan
336-272-7102 x5315