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Zotero Module

What You'll Need

These are the things you'll need to use Zotero:

  • A laptop running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Sorry, Chromebooks! (If you're a Chromebook user, you can use Zotero Bib to create works cited pages, which is a web-based version of Zotero without the ability to save sources permanently.)
  • A current web browser. (This is the program you use to browse the internet!)
    • Zotero is the easiest to use with either Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. If you use Microsoft Edge or Safari, I recommend downloading Firefox. It's free!

Installing Zotero and Connector

There are two parts to installing Zotero on your computer. Go to this page to download both the Zotero program and the Zotero connector.

Zotero is the standalone program that you install to your computer. All your saved sources will live there; you'll also use the Zotero program to see your sources and create works cited pages and bibliographies.

The Zotero Connector for your web browser allows you to save sources to the Zotero program while you're browsing the internet. It lets your web browser "see" the source you're looking at and get all the information about it in the click of a button!