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2020 Voting Guide: How to Vote

Voting In-Person

If you want to vote in-person on election day (Tuesday, November 3rd,) you will have to vote at your assigned polling location. This is the location printed on your voter registration card. You can also use the Voter Search tool to see your assigned polling place.

Voters DO NOT need to show any form of ID to vote in 2020!

If you can't vote on election day, look up early voting information (October 15 - October 31) for your county.

If you show up to vote in-person on election day and aren't on the list of registered voters, you can request a provisional ballot. Check out this page from the NC State Board of Elections on FAQ for election day in 2020.

Absentee Voting By Mail

The NC State Board of Elections is strongly encouraging voters to request an absentee by mail ballot as soon as possible to avoid problems due to postal delays and to allowing for time to correct any issues with your request. The deadline to submit a request for the November 3, 2020 general election is 5 p.m. Tuesday, October 27. Absentee ballot by-mail voting FAQ.

In 2020, all registered North Carolina voters, including voters serving in the military or living overseas, can request an absentee ballot online through the Absentee Ballot Request Portal. The Absentee Ballot Request Portal:

  • Allows registered North Carolina voters to securely request an absentee by-mail ballot completely online. The request may be made by the voter or their near relative or legal guardian. The voter’s county board of elections will mail the ballot to the voter.
  • Helps avoid duplicate requests by informing voters of existing absentee requests, and allows users to submit subsequent requests to update information on a previously submitted request.
  • Allows military or overseas voters to request and return their ballots through the portal.

Request your absentee ballot online here.

Once you submit your absentee ballot request, you can track your ballot by using the BallotTrax system. This allows you to:

  • Log in to view the status of your absentee by-mail request and ballot. This includes confirmation that the county board of elections has received the request, that the ballot has been mailed to the voter and that the completed ballot has been received by the county board of elections.
  • Learn if their ballot cannot be accepted because of issues such as a missing signature or witness information. If this occurs, the county board of elections will provide information to the voter on how to correct the issue.
  • Sign up for email, text, and/or voice alerts for status updates.

Early / One-Stop Voting

Not registered to vote? You can register and vote on the same day at early voting sites during the early voting period. This process is called “same-day registration.”

Same-day registrants must attest to their eligibility and provide proof of where they live. A voter attests to their eligibility by completing and signing a North Carolina Voter Registration Application. The voter must prove their residence by showing any of the following documents with their current name and address:

  • North Carolina driver’s license
  • Other photo identification issued by a government agency. Any government-issued photo ID is acceptable, provided that the card includes the voter's current name and address.
  • A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document showing the voter’s name and address.
  • A current college/university photo identification card paired with proof of campus habitation.

Within two business days of the person’s registration, the county board of elections will verify the registrant’s driver’s license or Social Security number, update the voter registration database, search for possible duplicate registrations, and begin to verify the registrant’s address by mail. The registrant’s ballot will be counted unless the county board of elections determines that he or she is not qualified to vote that ballot.

Click here to find one-stop early voting locations and dates near you! (The page asks you to select the "registration county." This is the county you would like to register in.)