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Library Services: Borrowing


The front desk on the main floor is the checkout point for all library materials. All Greensboro College students must present their Pride Card at the front desk when borrowing materials. There is no limit to the number of books you may check out at one time. All loans are restricted to enrolled students and must be returned at the end of the semester. If materials are required over a break or during a semester when you are not enrolled, please contact For information about loan periods for specific items see

Books may be renewed as often as needed but can be immediately recalled during the second or subsequent renewals if they are requested by another library patron.

You can renew books online by visiting the library catalog and clicking “Sign in” in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the login page for your library account, where you can view your current list of checked out materials and renew items. Log in using your thirteen digit barcode on the back of your Pride Card. After logging in, just click on “My Account” at the top of the screen to view your account status. If you have never used the system before, follow the instructions below.

First-Time Users:

  • At the login screen click on the “Set/reset password” link.

  • Fill in your student ID number as the username.

  • Click on the link in the email.

  • Type in your username (barcode) and enter a new password

  • That’s it! You have now created your profile in the new system!


When you finish using your books, there are two ways to return them.

In-Person: Please return books to the librarian at one of the two desks at the main entrance or the dropbox across from the reference desk. Please only leave books at the front desk when there is a librarian there to receive them.

Books Drops: If the library is closed, please use the outside book drop located next to the library’s front door.

Fines and fees:
Failure to return library materials on time will result in the assessment of fines. Fines are not imposed as a method of obtaining revenue but as a means of assuring that books are returned promptly so that they can be made available to other borrowers. As a courtesy to borrowers, the library sends notices for overdue books on the following schedule:

2 days before an item is overdue,
1 day after an item is overdue,
8 days after an item is overdue, and
22 days after an item is overdue.

It is your responsibility as the borrower of library materials to return materials on time. If an item is lost, the person whose name appears on the checkout record will be charged the cost of the library replacing the item, including cataloging and processing. If the material is not returned or the bill is not paid, the Business Office will be notified and the delinquent borrower’s grades and/or transcripts will be withheld.

Borrowing agreements and interlibrary loan:
The Triad Area Library Association: The library participates in the Triad Area Library Association or TALA, which allows students, faculty, and staff from Greensboro College borrow books from any Triad area participating library using only their Greensboro College Pride Card.

Interlibrary Loan: When the library does not have a book or an article that you need, it can be requested from other libraries using interlibrary loan. Look for the ‘request item’ button beside books or articles in the library’s catalog or email with the information you have about the book or article that you want. Librarians at Greensboro College will forward your request on to other libraries around the country that do have the item. Librarians can typically obtain the item for you, however, the process may take up to two weeks.

Distance students:
Books owned by the J.A. Jones Library can be delivered to any current student’s home by request. Items available for delivery display a “deliver by mail” button beside their entry in the catalog. Requested items will be sent via FedEx 2-day delivery. Only those with off-campus home addresses are eligible for Books By Mail service.

Books delivered by mail come with a printed UPS return label in the package. Before the due date, repackage the books, place the provided return label on the package, and drop the package off at your nearest FedEx shipping center. You do not pay for return shipping.

Note that books on reserve and books obtained via interlibrary loan are not available for delivery.