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Religion, Ethics & Philosophy

This is a research guide for courses in the Religion, Ethics & Philosophy Department.


Welcome to the Religion, Ethics & Philosophy Research Guide! This guide is designed to help you research topics for your classwork in the Religion, Ethics & Philosophy Department. If you need any extra assistance or have any questions, you can schedule a one-on-one research consultation  here or you can email You can also come to the Service Desk for reference help any time the library is open.

Three Closely Related Subjects

Religion, ethics, and philosophy are three subjects that, to quote the department's own page, "stand at the intersectional heart of our mission as both a college of the church and as a liberal-arts institution." The REP curriculum deals with many of the "Big Questions" about knowledge, meaning, and living in the world. The three subjects certainly intersect in the study of Christian ethics and the philosophy of religion.

At Greensboro College, religion includes studies in the Methodist and broader Christian traditions, as well as courses in comparative and world religion. The curriculum nurtures faith but also a respect for difference. It also includes preparation for as possible career in ministry.

While ethics is a branch of philosophy, it is given a special place. Ethics is the study of how we are to live, of the nature of the right and the good. Ethics also intersects with politics and social concerns, as matters of how we might best live together.

Philosophy deals systematically with fundamental questions about knowledge, existence, mind, language, and logic. It is a rational and reflective discipline that constantly questions itself.