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Children's Literature at J.A. Jones Library

How the Children's Section Works

We have recently changed the look of our Children's Section! In many school libraries today, you will see that the books have been "genrefied," or put into collections by genre instead of by call number.

In our Children's Section, we have now organized our books by age! This will hopefully make it easier to browse as you are looking for books to share with your students!

To find a book:

  1. Find the book in the Greensboro College catalog
  2. When a book is available in the JA Jones Library, you'll see its availability and its location in the catalog. See the image below for an example.  
  3. The location for each book will show where the book can be found in the children's section. In this example, Ellington Was Not A Street, can be found in the Birth-Kindergarten section. This section is labeled, "Birth-Kindergarten," and each book has a pink label on the spine.
  4. The sections are labeled in the following ways:
    • CMC Pink Birth-Kindergarten: Picture books and books for preschoolers.
    • CMC Yellow Grades K-5: Early readers and chapter books for ages 5-11.
    • CMC Blue Grades 6-8: Books for middle school readers.
    • CMC Green Grades 9-12: Books for high school readers and young adults.

Where is my book?

See the map below to find each children's book section. Don't worry--they're well-labeled too! Need help? Just ask at the front desk!