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Education Research Guide: Books

A guide to using the library and conducting research for students taking classes in the Department of Education.

Search the Library Catalog

Search the Library's Catalog

You can use this search box to search the library's catalog. (Catalog means our collection of books!) You can also search by going to the library's homepage and clicking "search books."

Using Books in Your Assignments

When people think about libraries, they often think about books. It's true; we do have a lot of books on a variety of topics that can be useful in your research! 

Whenever you find a book in the library, you know that a librarian picked that book to add to the collection, so you can generally trust the information in it. However, books usually cover very broad topics. This means that they might not have the specific information you need for your assignment.

Students come to me and often ask for one book that will be perfect for their research topic. While it's easy to find many different books that give you pieces of the information you need, there's probably not just "one good book" that will write your paper for you!

If you need help searching for or locating books in the library, ask a librarian!

Helpful Videos

This video below demonstrates how to find and use the huge selection of eBooks the library has available. eBooks are a great resource and can be used from anywhere!

How do I find a book in the library?

Books in the library have Library of Congress call numbers on the spines. These call numbers are like a street address: they show you where the books lives inside the library. If you find a book you want on our website, it should have a number like this: BF149 .B78

Where do you find that? First, the online record will give you a clue about where it is. We have books in a bunch of different areas in the library. The Main Circulating Collection (aka the stacks) is the huge collection of books in the back, the CMC, Recreational Reading and Scripts are on the main floor, and the Holocaust Collection is upstairs. If you're not sure, ask us!

Most of our books are in the Main Circulating Collection. If we're looking for BF149 .B78, first we're going to look at the stack guide:

This tells you what level of the stacks the book is on. Since the first letter of the call number is B, the book is on the 3rd floor of the stacks.

Once you get to that floor, look at the end of the shelves of books. There are ranges that let you narrow down the location of your book!

Our book is BF149 .B78, so it'll be on this row!

Finally, we can walk down the row and find what we're looking for near books with similar call numbers!

If you can't find something, ask a librarian!

Curriculum Materials Center

The Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) is located on the first floor of the library in the reference room. This space contains our children's literature collection, textbooks, and professional collection.

Interlibrary Loan

What happens if there's a book I want but the library doesn't have it?

If you're searching and find a book you want but we don't have, you can place an Interlibrary Loan request. We'll ask another library to send it through the mail for free!

You can place an ILL request by clicking the Request Item button if you found the book using our book search and filling out your name and email address.

If you have any problems, you can also email

As a Greensboro College student, you can also check out books in-person at other local colleges and universities. For example, if you see that UNCG has a book you need, you can go to their library and check it out with your Pride Card. Email me if you need any help with doing this!