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Education Research Guide: Websites

A guide to using the library and conducting research for students taking classes in the Department of Education.



Using Websites

Websites are valid resources for conducting research. Sometimes they're the best type of source for the information you're looking for! However, you do have to be careful about trusting the accuracy and currency of a website. Anyone can publish something on the web with no review process. If you are thinking about using a website in your research, evaluate it using CRAAP:

Currency: is the information timely?

Relevance: is the information important to your needs?

Authority: who is the source of the information?

Accuracy: is the information true and correct?

Purpose: what is the intent of the information and is it clear?

Also, check the site's URL. Does it end in a .edu or .gov? Sites that do are more likely to be reliable, but they should still be submitted to the CRAAP test!

Digital Archival Collections/Primary Sources

Are you looking for resources related to special collections, archival, and/or primary source material? Take a look at our Digital Archival Collections guide!