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Citation Management Tool

Set Preferences/Syncing

It is ideal to create a Zotero account so you may sync your library (more info). Reasons to sync your account...

  • backup in the cloud on the site. You will receive 300 mb free from Zotero.

  • Sync your library when using Zotero software on multiple computers

  • Share a folder with others. 

Follow the steps below to sync your Zotero collections on multiple computers.

  1. Set up a free Zotero account
  2. In the Zotero software, Edit >> Preferences (images above)
  3. Select the Sync tab in new window
  4. Enter your Zotero account info and sync preferences.

Optional - Online account space saver (PDFs take up much of the space provided for free)

  1. Deselect the "Sync full-text content"
  2. Deselect "sync attachment files in My Library"