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Citation Management Tool

Managing Your Collections

By default, Zotero stores new citations in "My Library." 

  • My Library lists all the citations/references you have collected via Zotero
    • See the Add to Library to learn how
  • Using the Folder + icon, you can create new collections (folders) within My Library.
  • To add a citation to a collection
    1. Create a new collection (if they do not already exist) using Fold+ icon
    2. Select My Library
    3. In My Library select a Reference (item in middle pane)
    4. Drag and drop reference into new collection
    • Now the reference lives in My Library and the new collection (a reference can live in many collections).
    • NOTE: A reference can live in multiple collections. Follow steps 1-4 again to move a reference to another collection.

Collections (Folders)  - You may create as many collections and sub-collections as you wish.

Deleting References

About Deleting References:
All references are automatically deposited in "My Library" (your Master Collection).

  • Warning: If you remove a reference from My Library it will be deleted from all the other folders/collections.
  • In order to retain reference, remove reference from a folder:

To remove a citation from a specific collection/folder,

  1. select the folder
  2. select  the citation you wish to delete
  3. press the delete key on your keyboard OR right-click and select Remove from Collection
  4. The citation is still in My Library.