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About: Library Policies

Policies of the James Addison Jones Library

Oh no! The snack machine took my money! What do I do?!

A snack machine that also dispenses coffee is located in the Reference area of the Library. Student development manages refunds for both Pepsi machines as well as the snack machines all over campus. When you lose money in the snack machine please take one of the small brown envelopes located one the snack machine itself and at the service desk . If you don't see these envelopes, please visit the Library's front desk to obtain one. You'll need to visit the 3rd floor of Main building (office 312) to see Darlene Bristow. She will issue you a refund. You will need to go visit Darlene in person to obtain the refund, however, her contact information is [email protected] or ext 5227.