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About: Library Policies

Policies of the James Addison Jones Library

Library Spaces

The library also has study rooms available for group or individual study. Currently, we have  three of them available for you to use immediately, if they’re not currently in use. You can also reserve one of these study rooms in advance on your phone or computer by going to this link:

Facilities Use Policy:

Spaces in the James Addison Jones Library, including the Library Classroom, Media Room, Upstairs Conference Room, Bonus Room and Nooks are available for use by Greensboro College students, faculty, and staff. Every effort is made to keep Library spaces open and available to the Greensboro College community. Library spaces may not be used for scheduled classes, however sometimes may be reserved for Library instruction or special college events. Please send questions about library spaces and facilities to [email protected]

For more details regarding the use of library facilities, please see the policy regarding facilities use at the following URL

Library Use By Classes:

All students are welcome to use Jones Library whenever the library is open.

Instructors assigning library research projects to their students and wanting to bring their students to the library as a group will need to schedule a library instruction session first. This is done by emailing [email protected] or emailing a specific librarian.

Instructors bringing their class to the library for follow-up research sessions (without library instruction) will first notify the library via email. Please be considerate of time and notify the library earlier rather than later. Early notification makes it possible to alert staff and students as needed.

Aside from occasional bookings due to library instruction and classes, the library classrooms functions as an open computer lab and is available to all students.

Middle College instructors will supervise their classes while they are using the library. Library workstations are to be used for academic work, so classes should be working on assignments. It is not necessary for teachers to supervise library use by students who are using the library independently, i.e. not as a class.